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The 2017 WEC Organizing Committee is excited to welcome you to WEC 2017 from Janurary 12th to the 15th. Three years after the Yukon Congress, a new group of WESST students took on the challenge of hosting WEC when no other school was willing. Holding to tradition, the organizing committee decided to host WEC 2017 in a city that doesn’t have a WESST member school. Although Whitehorse came up, it didn’t make financial sense and the decision landed on Banff. The theme of Collaboration was selected because the nature of engineering relies on interdisciplinary and diverse teams, and also because of the collaboration required for the Yukon team to host the event. Now we ask you to collaborate with us, share our vision, and make this a WEC to remember.

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Noise Policy

The noise policy of the Banff Centre is as follows “For the safety and comfort of your group and all groups staying at The Banff Centre, we strictly enforce quiet time in our accommodation buildings. Quiet time is in effect from 11:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. In the event of any noise or behaviour concerns that require our Security Officers to be called, the group organizer will be notified. If a second security call out is required, the offending party will be evicted from The Banff Centre and the RCMP will be called. For second callouts or any callouts requiring RCMP assistance due to behavior concerns, a $500.00 fee will be charged to the group’s master account.” Any fees caused by noise complaints and unacceptable behaviour will be forwarded to the offending delegate(s) school(s) and will result in the delegate(s) being evicted from the competition.

Behaviour Expectations

The Western Engineering Competition is a professional event and as such delegates are expected to follow the tenets of WESST, the APEGA code of ethics, and any further behavioral expectations set out by your institution. Delegates are expected to attend all daytime sessions, be presentable and professional in nature, and maintain the utmost respect for the venue, organizing committee, fellow delegates, and sponsors throughout the event. It should also be noted that the event is taking place in a National Park and as such further rules apply. National park offences can carry heavy fines and could result in jail time. For some offences, such as poaching or pollution, fines can be in excess of $250 000. Take this seriously. The carrying and or use of chainsaws is restricted to persons who have chainsaw permits.

Departure and Arrival Policy

The departure and arrival policy of the Banff Centre is as follows “In the event that a guest within the room block checks out prior to their confirmed check-out date, The Banff Centre will apply an early departure fee of $75.00 plus GST to the individual’s account. Departure date must be confirmed at check-in to avoid an early departure fee. Full cancellation penalties apply for guests cancelling reservations within seventy-two (72) hours of arrival. Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. Requests to retain rooms beyond that hour should be directed to the front desk once the delegate is registered. Should it be possible to extend a late check-out, a late departure charge may be applicable.” Should a delegate leave early without confirming at check-in, incurring a penalty, or cancel within seventy-two (72) hours of arrival, the penalties will be forwarded to the offending delegate’s school. One credit card per room will be required upon check-in at the hotel. Please note your photo used on this WESST profile will be used for the delegate package.